How To Travel Manila on a Low Budget?

Manila, the capital city of Philippines, holds a good position if we talk about top budget places to travel across the world. Still, there are ample ways and tricks to cut the trip cost. Yes, you heard it right! From renting budget apartments to choose local transport, we tell you the secret of travel Manila on a shoestring budget.

Pick your Flight

Manila, the capital city, is well provided with national and international flights to all the major cities of the world and country. The country comes in South East Asia, and there are several reasonable priced flight companies from which you can buy tickets. Check flight sales to grab good price. In Philippines, you will get 30 days free visa so, you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

Plan Itinerary

There are innumerable places to visit in Manila. It is better you sort out the major key attractions as per your choice. Plan a detailed itinerary to follow, check maps, guides, special places to visit, and major festivals to see. Philippines is one of the easiest as well as cheapest countries to travel in the world. So, you won’t find any difficulty at any point in this welcoming country.


Accommodation is the major section where you can save your money. There are several condo rentals available in Manila, Philippines that provide comfortable accommodation in low budget. These affordable apartments are quite famous among travelers due to its space, amenities, and easy availability. Plus, these condo rentals are usually located in ideal location which give quick accessibility to major tourist attractions. Choosing budget apartments in Manila as a staying option will also save a lot of money in local transportation. Quite sensible!



Philippines is famous for its jeepneys which provide cheap local transportation within the city. They can be easily spotted at any part of the city, and you can roam freely within the city by spending just a few bucks. If you are expert enough, you can also opt for hitchhiking with the ferry rides. Although it is not very easy as compared to the rest of South East Asia, still you can try your luck. If you ride the ferry, the trip is likely to take longer, but it is cheaper in comparison to airplane.

Once you have cut the major cost that is spent on transportation and accommodation, you are all ready to travel Manila on a shoestring budget. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and march to the lovely city Manila.