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Manila Welcomes You!

It is the capital city of Philippines, and there are many things that you can do in here. If you are traveling the city for the first time here are few things that may help you.

Reaching Manila

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA is also known as Manila Airport. It is the main gateway to Manila and is located on the border of Pasay & Paranaque City. There are four terminals at the airport, and you might use one to reach the city. There is a shuttle bus system that connects all the terminals for the passengers.

Finding The Right Places To Stay

Although most of the travelers book their place of stay well in advance and there are many choices when it comes to finding a suitable place to stay.

Low Budget Hotels

Many low budget hotels can give you the same comfort of a 5-star hotel.  They are available in aplenty and are available at a fraction of a price. They are most suitable when you are traveling alone and when all you need is a spacious bed, a clean toilet, air-conditioning then they are the best choice.

Bed & Break Fast

If you want to feel more at home, you can stay in one of the bed & breakfast establishments. They are private homes which are converted into guest accommodations, and the breakfast is part of the room rate.

Apartment Rental

If you are traveling with family and want a home away from home, you can go for a rented apartment. To rent an apartment in Manila click here.

rental in manila


They are good for the lone travelers who just need a bed and don’t mind sharing toilets and bathrooms with other guests. Then there are boutique hotels, which offer slightly additional facilities and better services.

Things To Do

Once you have settled down in your place of stay, you might want to see the city. Here are some things that you may do here.

Enjoy Sunsets

It is one of those few cities in Asia that look out to the west over the sea. Although the air is polluted, the smoggy clouds send light and color bouncing all over the place, giving you a great sight along the Manila Bay.

Take A Walking Tour of Intramuros

It is a historic walled city that held great importance in the American and the Spanish governments. The city was entirely ruined in WW-II, but rehabilitation began in 1950. Simply walk around the area on a kalesa to explore this oldest district.

See Churches

There are churches of historical importance in Manila, and they are now great attractions for many of the visitors coming to the city.

Go Shopping

Manila has many malls too, and you can choose in which one to go.  But if you are looking for some real shopping adventure go haggling in the street markets of Divisoria, Quiapo, etc. Once you reach here, you may feel the humidity, but the shopping may take you over.

Wrapping Up

Travel with family is good once you go for a rented apartment in Manila rest there are many more places to see, why not just travel and discover them?

How To Travel Manila on a Low Budget?

Manila, the capital city of Philippines, holds a good position if we talk about top budget places to travel across the world. Still, there are ample ways and tricks to cut the trip cost. Yes, you heard it right! From renting budget apartments to choose local transport, we tell you the secret of travel Manila on a shoestring budget.

Pick your Flight

Manila, the capital city, is well provided with national and international flights to all the major cities of the world and country. The country comes in South East Asia, and there are several reasonable priced flight companies from which you can buy tickets. Check flight sales to grab good price. In Philippines, you will get 30 days free visa so, you can plan your itinerary accordingly.

Plan Itinerary

There are innumerable places to visit in Manila. It is better you sort out the major key attractions as per your choice. Plan a detailed itinerary to follow, check maps, guides, special places to visit, and major festivals to see. Philippines is one of the easiest as well as cheapest countries to travel in the world. So, you won’t find any difficulty at any point in this welcoming country.


Accommodation is the major section where you can save your money. There are several condo rentals available in Manila, Philippines that provide comfortable accommodation in low budget. These affordable apartments are quite famous among travelers due to its space, amenities, and easy availability. Plus, these condo rentals are usually located in ideal location which give quick accessibility to major tourist attractions. Choosing budget apartments in Manila as a staying option will also save a lot of money in local transportation. Quite sensible!



Philippines is famous for its jeepneys which provide cheap local transportation within the city. They can be easily spotted at any part of the city, and you can roam freely within the city by spending just a few bucks. If you are expert enough, you can also opt for hitchhiking with the ferry rides. Although it is not very easy as compared to the rest of South East Asia, still you can try your luck. If you ride the ferry, the trip is likely to take longer, but it is cheaper in comparison to airplane.

Once you have cut the major cost that is spent on transportation and accommodation, you are all ready to travel Manila on a shoestring budget. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and march to the lovely city Manila.

How to Live Independently in Vacation Time through Rental Home?

It’s no secret that after working hard for years and years, a moment comes when a good break is needed. The break could be anything like a long vacation, resting at home or in extracurricular activities. Out of all, most people prefer going for a long vacation as today there have been many affordable destinations rounding up across the globe.

Whether you are on long vacation days, a week vacation days or a few days, there are many options to live in the desired destination with affordable vacation homes on rent. If your vacation destination is Manila, then you can easily rent apartments in Manila at Broadway Court.

Vacations are all about unplugging daily chores and adding some new chores and live independently. Vacations are all about getting totally refreshed which can be possible when you stay independently by renting a home for vacations.

Featuring Independent Rental Homes

The rental homes for vacation are filled with the coziness that gives a feel of complete relaxation. The best thing about going to rent a home for vacation is that you tend to save money as compared to expensive hotels and enjoy the free amenities like an indoor and outdoor patio, kitchen, balcony and a lot more.

Imagine your vacation is like sipping coffee in the natural environment of Manila or grabbing all the local foodie ingredients for making a delicious home cooked meal. How about enjoying all the services of your home on your doorstep? This is all you can enjoy in a rented apartment in Manila.

Rent a Vacation Home—is it Right for You?

You will be surprised to know that rental homes and apartment for vacation purpose are the most popular options in today’s time. People have become very particular on choosing the type of stay as vacation for them is entirely dedicated to be a private scenario. Everyone wants their privacy, so, on this basis rental homes and apartments evolved.

Whether the vacation theme is for families, friends, and couples or individuals, anyone can afford to rent apartments in Manila. The reason being vacation rental homes are an easy option to get utmost comfort and yield more space at relatively lower price. And, if you want to make you stay a fantasy one, the rental homes will definitely allow it and make a lovely and independent living in Manila.

What will you Gain?

Whether it is condos, villas, rental homes, apartments located within the vacation community generally offer the complete package with all amenities. Depending on the destination, the amenities are provided. Booking your rental apartment with Broadway Court will ensure flexible check-in dates to shuttle services without any hassles.

So, what are you waiting for? Book today for your favorite rental apartment and homes in Manila and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

How to Go About Visiting Manila?

Making a visit to Manila, Philippines is without a doubt a memorable experience. The comfortable, reasonably priced vacation rentals and the many attractions, here are a few of the elements that make Manila quite an exceptional and fun city to visit be it for pleasure or business purposes. There are loads of amusements and available locales here in this great metropolitan. You will, without a doubt, enjoy your stay in this busy metropolis.

Must See Locations
Manila is not known just for being the capital city of the Philippines. It holds a great history of this nation. In fact, it presents the ideal basis for tracing the trip through the years of colonization, wars and more so the spirits of this prosperous city. This is demonstrated by the various attractions that are sprawled through the entire city.

Intramuros is one of the places you must visit in Manila. This place carries on showcasing a lot of definitive architecture and demonstrates the city’s past in the finest way possible. Fort Santiago is a prominent attraction that you can’t miss visiting when you come to Manila. Manila embodies great history along with the beauty of the Philippines.

In addition to that, offering that much inviting escape from the busy Manila city is the exhilarating nature parks. Amid some of the most suggested parks is Rizal Park. This park honors the nation’s hero known as Jose Rizal. The Manila Bay is just within the closeness of this beautiful park. Numerous local tourists love this place. You can have the opportunity to revel in the beautiful sunset without having to spend a penny.

Where to Relax in Manila
The bustling city life can at times turn out to be quite overwhelming to you as a vacationer. For that, massage centers and spas have been set up around Manila to provide customers like you the desired soothing break. Some of the havens of comforts would offer you an assortment of programs and fitness treatments that are pretty affordable and idyllic for rejuvenating your senses.

condo room banner

When we get down to vacation rentals in Manila, variety is the only decisive factor. There is an extensive range of accommodations that are pretty much accessible. There are still numerous other things you can do when you visit the Philippines anytime soon. You need to visit this city personally so that you can appreciate these amenities.

How to Go About Vacation Rentals in Manila?

Vacation Rentals in Manila could be an excellent idea as the place being in Asia, but still has a European feel to it. There are a few easy tips to follow which would make sure you will be on the right track to have the dream holiday. Even within Manila, Philippines, there are a lot of options to consider like location, the number of rooms, washrooms and other things like child care and pet care which also have to be taken into consideration. Some of the places can go higher in rankings based on these features. Manila is the capital of Philippines, and it is the largest metropolitan city.

vacation rentals in Manila

Manila is situated at the bank of Manila Bay. This magnificent city covers an area of 38.55 square kilometers on an island in the middle of Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay. Manila has a few attractive locations and is a hot favorite travel destination amongst travelers all across the world. The city is parted into 16 districts, eight of them are located on the southern side of Pasig River and remaining eight districts are located on the northern side of Pasig River.

There are a number of places that can be taken into consideration like, Pasig, Cavite, Binangonan, Cainta, or even San Pedro. Some of these are not far off the downtown Manila, the other are near to the older parts of metropolitan with historical interest. San Pedro is the place where you will find best nightlife and if you wish to have some seaside fun, then staying near the beach can be a better option.

Property Size
There are a lot of choices when it comes to the size of the property and style here, together with the most modern apartment condos. These vacation rental homes are offered at pretty reasonable rates as compared to other resorts in and out of the city.

The vacation rental is just a part of the accommodation. Sightseeing and food are also need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the overall budget of the holiday as both play a significant role in the costing of your excursion.

What to Expect
Before deciding on vacation rentals in Manila, one needs to take a decision on a few standard things that should be there like swimming pool, free access to the internet, air-conditioning, television, microwave, to name a few.

Time to Find an Apartment for Rent: Get Informed About the Best Time

Is it the time to find an apartment for you? If you have ways to make a strategic decision about the time to search and to choose the right month for an apartment on rent could save you from headaches and even a few dollars. It is necessary to decide an accurate time to search and go for apartments for rent in whichever city you have decided for.

Condo Manila

An Overview
The search processes for apartments in Philippines for rent is a notorious time sucking moment. Fortunately, there are many ways to optimize your search which can save you time and money as well. It is the fact that we often ask the question like “What is the best time of year to rent an apartment?” It is a tough question as many factors come into play while giving information on the same.

However, some general rules are there to follow when you have the flexibility to pick a time of the year to move— the first thing you need to decide: what is more important to you saving a good amount of money or having many options to choose from.


To Look for Options: May to September
It has been observed that most people move to apartments for rent between May and September. There is more turnover in rental units at this time of the year as compared to any other time of the year.

This means you may have a wide selection of units to choose from at this time of the year. There may also be greater demand from other renters for rental apartment units during the summer than any other time of the year. This indicates that you have to act more quickly in deciding for a rental so you may not lose it.

To Look for Saving Money: October to April
If you are looking for a deal on Manila apartments for rent, then winter is the best time to find a new roof to live. The turnover for apartments for rent is much slower during the winter months, so if you have fewer units to choose from, then the property managers may become more likely to give you a deal.

vacation rentals

Also, to search for your apartments during the off-season, you can get a better deal on an apartment that has a greater supply than demand in property markets. Try to have a good check on the vacancy rates in the area and look for neighborhoods with newly constructed apartments in Philippines for rent.

The Best Time of Day
If you want to get an ideal time for apartment hunting, then there is some research which suggests that touring online listings at the time of morning is the best. Why? This is when property managers are on the verge to post new listings for recently-vacated rentals. So, get your chance for Manila apartments for rent.

Closing Lines
Hence, by reading this post, people must be clear as to when to look for rented apartments to live in the desired location.


Today, vacation rental condos have become quite popular among travelers, businesspersons, and tourists. These rental condos come in varied shapes and size to meet the travel needs of different people. The rental condos are famous for its space, expediency, authenticity, and amenities. These vacation rental condos come with a myriad of benefits.


So let’s take a look at few of them.

The rental condos are usually situated in a posh locality. The condos are quite close to all basic amenities and lie in close proximity to the shopping malls, restaurants, and other tourist attractions. This proximity is quite advantageous as you don’t have to spend much cash to commute to your favorite sightseeing spot.

Vacation rental condos come with modern and latest facilities. You room will be furnished with remote control colored TV, hot & cold shower, cable programming, air-conditioning and much more.The kitchen will also be equipped with a refrigerator, chinaware, electric stove, and safety deposit box. You will also get some other facilities such as gated premises, private parking, 24-hour standby power generator, tennis court along with the rental condo.

Hotel rooms can be quite costly if you have a large group of people. So if you are traveling in a group of 5-8 people, then the rental condo is a perfect option. Rental condo allows you stay at a same place and enjoy your vacations to its fullest. You can cook your favorite food in the kitchen and enjoy the home-made food with friends and family. You can also enjoy other services such as laundry services and free high-speed internet.

Rental condo offers more privacy than a hotel room. Some of the vacation rental condos also come with private balconies and entrances. These rental condos sometimes also come with private pools and BBQ grills. Many of these condos are situated in gated communities to offer more privacy.

These are some advantages of vacation rental condos. So if you are planning to go on a trip to the Philippines, then you can look for rental condos in the Philippines on different websites. So choose the best and most credible website to book vacation rental condos at affordable rates.


Vacation rentals in Manila can be an excellent idea considering the space being in Asia but then again still having an entirely European feel. There are a few easy to follow tips that will make sure you would be on right track to have that dream vacation. Even within Manila, Philippines there are a lot of options to consider such as location, how many rooms you wish to book depending on the number of people you might be traveling with? And the places you choose will be able to accommodate them or not.

Condo Manila

There are a variety of other things like child care as well as pet care which may also need to be deliberated. Some of the places will go greater in ranking because of these. Manila is the capital city of Philippine, and it is the biggest metropolitan city. Manila is situated at the bank of Manila Bay. This delightful city is positioned 38.55 sq. Km on an isle in the middle of Laguna de Bay plus Manila Bay.

Manila has one of the most striking locations and is a favored tourist destination. The city is alienated in 16 districts; eight are located at the southern side of Pasig River along with remaining eight districts is located on the north side of Pasig River.


There are a lot of places which you can have like, Pasig, Cavite, Binangonan, Cainite, or even San Pedro. A few of these are near to the downtown Manila; others are near to the older parts of metropolitan with momentous interest. San Pedro is nearer to nightlife; you could also select to stay nearby the beach for added seaside fun.

Property Size
There are a lot of options in the property size and panache here, Including the most standard apartment condos, these holiday homes offer you very reasonable rates as compared to the Resort.

The Budget
The vacation rental is simply a part of the accommodation; you would need to allocate the thirty to forty percent for the tourism and food expenses also. The alternative could even begin at the $100 and can go up to the $ 300 contingent on the location and amenities.

Final Words

In a nutshell, you will certainly enjoy your stay with the help of vacation rentals in Manila with the perfect exotic places that are a huge number in this city. So, what are you waiting for? plan your vacation now.


Apartment in the Philippines for rent is getting popular with each passing day. People find this alternative of apartment rental more suitable, relaxing, safe and private in comparison to other modes of rental lodgings in Manila. These lavish housing apartments obtainable on rent are equipped with all the modern amenities of living to make the stay of travelers like their dwelling.


The Capital city of Philippines is Manila. Other than being the second most occupied city of the nation, Manila is also the hub of all commercial actions controlling the financial system of Philippines. This amazing City is positioned on the eastern shores of Manila Bay and the most historic port of the nation.

The assortment of cultures

The Philippines has been under the political control of various countries together with Spain, America, Japan and Britain. The effects of different types of cultures can be witnessed here in the form of eating habits, Architectural Monuments as well as on the lifestyle of inhabitants. Manila has a large quantity of areas and spots that symbolize perfect combinations or blend of different cultures.

Manila is not an appropriately designed city, even though it boasts numerous attractions of diverse nature. Manila pull the attention of tourists from around the globe because of the natural diversity, the beauty of City together with the excellent beach spots on the shores of Manila Bay, historical monuments, with the modern era architectural, social, entertainment and cultural views. A significant segment of people visits this place for trade. Import and Export of different types of goods is a very typical business among individuals.

vacation rentals

Luxury in the Philippines

There are numerous spots to see in and around Manila. To serve the accommodation requirements, there are multiple Resorts, Multi Star Hotels, Lodges and Guest Houses with all the modern facilities that are necessary for a healthy and relaxing stay. There is a new trend of Apartment Rentals for people residing in beautiful Manila. It’s not a new inclination. This style has been in subsistence since long in the Metro cities of various European, American and Asian nations.

The final word

The Apartment in the Philippines for rental is a most appropriate choice for the tourists paying a visit to Manila with their entire family or people who need their privacy and confidentiality. By their necessities, people can rent one and two bedroom apartments and even individual three bedroom penthouses in the Philippines.


Manila City or just Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It is one of the places that makes up the wider metropolitan areas of the metro Manila. It is positioned on the shores of Manila Bay that is just west of the Metro Manila’s geographical center. This 38.55, so km city rests on an isthmus between the Manila Bay & Laguna de Bay in the southern Luzon. The city of Manila has 16 districts, 8 are positioned on the North of the Pasig River and the other eight on the South of Pasig River.

rental in manila

In the extreme center of the Philippine urban life, the Millennium Plaza rests in the heart of the Manila Trade & Financial District. It is the perfect position for your vacation home with five massive air-conditioned shopping malls, providing everything ranging from the top brands like Gucci and Armani to the hand-made Philippine crafts. Additionally, this place also offers reasonably priced first run Hollywood movies, fantastic upscale eateries, museums and specialty stores together with the world’s major banks.

Moreover, Makati includes it all. When the night falls, the club party scene gets high with drinks, dance and unbelievable entertainment, all for a portion of what you would pay at some other place. This is the finest place, no matter what you desire from your Manila vacation.

If you want to shop, to explore, to absorb the culture, or get dreamy, you have accurately the right spot. Vacation condo is just a short Jeepney ride from the most modern that takes around 3 to 5 minutes, upmarket shopping places in Asia. The beautiful gourmet cuisine is just a few minutes away, and a trip to the incredible city will take you through almost 300 years of Spanish history and culture.

You are also just a small drive away from both the Clark AFB & the Subic Bay, which are the former U.S. military bases. These areas have been changed into free trade zones. The finest place to pick up any stuff you require, tax-free & reasonable!


Being the major city in the world’s largest archipelago, your rent apartment in Manila is just a quick flight or a short boat ride away from some of the most stunning tropical island retreat resorts on the planet.