Manila City, which is the capital of the Philippines, is one of the cities that cover a greater metropolitan part of Metro Manila. It is located on the shores of Manila Bay that is situated on the west of the geographical center of Metro Manila. This city is almost 38.55 sq. Km and lies on a gap between Manila Bay & Laguna de Bay in the southern Luzon. This incredible city includes 16 districts, and among those, 8 are positioned on the North of the Pasig River together with another eight on the South of this river.

Vacation rentals in Manila

In the center of Philippine urban life, the ‘Millennium Plaza’ is positioned in the center of the Manila Trade & Financial District. It is the impeccable location for you to get a vacation home with five huge air conditioned shopping malls, providing everything ranging from top international brands to the hand-crafted Philippine artwork and amazing Hollywood movies, fantastic upscale eateries, specialty stores, museums, and some of the world’s major banks.


Adding more to this point, Makati comprises of the most modern nightclub scene in Manila. This destination has it all. The club scene heats up with fantastic entertainment, dancing, and drinks when the night falls. The best fact about the place is that it is pocket-friendly for all. This is one among the best spots, no matter what you need from your vacation at Manila!

Attractions in Manilla

If you love shopping, sight-seeing, soaking up the culture, or getting romantic, then you have exactly chosen the perfect place. Vacations rentals in Manila can be easily found as there are a lot of affordable options available at this location. You can find a homely place to stay and feel just like home.

It would be better for you if you get an accommodation facility at some location from where you can enjoy a short taxi ride from the most modern, chic shopping spots in Asia, tremendous gourmet cuisine and a fun-filled tour of the entire city. This will make you travel through almost 300 years of Spanish history & culture. Additionally, there are many places from where you can buy all things cheap and tax-free.

Being a major city in the world’s biggest archipelago, the vacation rental at this place is just a short flight or a boat ride away from the most attractive tropical island retreat resorts in the globe.

If you love partying, then you will love to be in Makati. When the sun sets, the nightclub scene here actually gets started rolling. You will come across some of the most outstanding bars & pubs in the area. This place also sounds fabulous with super classy live music shows and great entertainment.


At present, numerous online service providers can assist you in getting vacation rentals in Manila. Further, your choice entirely depends on your budget. Moreover, the best part is that they have a variety of accommodation options for every budget.