A holiday to the Philippines is an incredible experience. This mesmerizing destination includes more than 7000 islands. It is not tough to search for suitable places for a perfect holiday trip. You can select some fabulous beach resort locations on the island of Boracay. Alternatively, else, you also have the option to go to the cool mountain hangouts in Sagada town. It is a quiet small town that comes buzzing at night during the vacation time when travelers visit this place.

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Sooner than the visitors go off to more tranquil destinations, they sometimes want to discover the capital city of Manila for some days. It is fast paced and hectic city like various other polluted & crowded cities. It is one of the perfect destinations in the nation to revel in the nightlife, but there are locations where you can pay a visit to relax after partying hard all night.

Check out some below-mentioned places to have fun with you family and friends.

  • A perfect place to visit in Manila is the ‘Ocean Park’. This destination has become a well-known place for tourists in the past few years. It is the lone Oceanarium in the Philippines. This is a fantastic spot to get relaxed and experience serene and unique marine life.
  • The next great place to explore is the ‘National Museum’. The museum includes several shows on the Filipino history and culture.
  • One more place to visit is ‘Fort Santiago’. At this place, you will get a feeling as if you have traveled back in the historical period.


Most of the trips to the Philippines are focused on having a great party time. Manila is not the lone destination where going out in the town can be pleasing. The Angels City has created a position for itself in the international party scene. The resort location of Puerto Galera is sparkling after dark from the month of January to March.

While partying will be the purpose of many travelers when they are out on a Philippines holiday, others might require a different type of holiday time. A family holiday at this destination will not revolve around just partying all the time. This is a fact that every bit of this trip will be rewarding for the visitors.

Several guided trips and holiday packages comprise of all the finest vacation spots in the Philippines. Moreover, the families are heartened to consider them at the time of planning a vacation to this destination.

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These types of tours and the holiday packages can be extremely convenient as they can take complete care of all the conveyance. Few places that families may desire to visit in the Philippines are Manila, Baguio City, Puerto Princesa and Puerto Galera. The activities you should consider on a family vacation to the Philippines consist of go-carting at Clark Air Force base in the Angeles City, the Avilon Zoo in the Rizal province, visiting the Enchanted Kingdom theme park in Manila, and snorkeling at Puerto Princesa.

Whether it is a family trip or a vacation with friends, hanging out at white sand beach in the Philippines is a perfect spot to visit. The beach vacations at this place can be just as great as beach holidays in any other hot place. At this destination, several coastlines are lined with the beautiful white sand beaches and serene blue water same as the Caribbean.


A few best beach spots in the country include beach resorts together with the White Sand Beach on the Boracay Island. It is best to be there on the beach vacations in the Philippines. So, if you are planning to pay a visit to Manila, then it would be better for you to search for some good vacation rental in Manila online